Do you meditate?       Would you like to? 

 Meditation is in itself very easy!  What is difficult is keeping one's mind out of the way. Below is how I meditate or journey within with an animal guide.  Do have a listen to the Finding the Animal of Your Heart Visualisation and let me know as I'd love to hear what animal you find or finds you!

Lv, Jess & Mr Elephant!

The Flower Wall Visualisation is about conflict resolution with others. It's for when you want peace but communication has broken down. This works on an inner level. Here you create a wall of flowers with the intention of reconciliation and peace. Try it! You might surprise yourself with the result!

'My marriage broke down a few years ago and we're hardly friends. We decided to divorce but she was dragging her heels. I did Jessica's Flower Wall visualisation but my intention was not peaceful because I sent her a Venus Fly Trap! When I told Jessica , she said to do it again but from a place of peace. This time my intention was more reconciliatory and I sent her a sunflower. Blow me but didn't the divorce papers arrive the next day! Thanks Jessica! You were right. The peaceful way is the only way!' DM

Jessica Clements'  Visualisations 

My visualisations introduce you to a very simple method, using positive creativity, to simplify your life. They allow you to change internal conflicts into strengths.

The process is deceptively simple. You close your eyes and are guided to a door behind which is an animal - the Animal of Your Heart!

This begins an inner journey with the Animal of Your Heart as your guide.

What better guide can one have but ones own heart?

Where your Heart's Animal takes you is yours to find out. So come and join me as we explore our inner realms with the gentlest guide - our heart.

 "Very much enjoyed your CD. Very professional, yet personal. Great voice, great music. This is of a far greater quality than a lot of Mind, Body, Spirit CD's I have purchased"  Bob Moody