I've been journeying with a scorpion recently! Though a formidable little predator I didn't seem to mind when it climbed up my arm and merged in with me at my eyes!
Then I watched as it's tail wrapped itself round my third eye, tip ready for action! It then struck out into the air but instead of venom emerging it was an image of a trauma I'd suffered. It kept striking & I kept seeing other images & I realised that every image I saw was being released by this scorpion. 
I didn't think I was very good at releasing trauma! Think of a rabbit caught in the headlights & you'll get the idea. Yet here I was watching images arrive and then disappear into the ether. I was not reliving them instead I was at the side watching them come then go.
Perhaps I was better at this letting go business than I previously thought! So I thanked my scorpion and stepped into my day!