I would like to thank all those who dropped by to say hello to me at the "Animal of Your Heart" Stand at the Mind, Body, Soul Exhibition at Olympia last week-end. It was great to meet so many like-minded people. I was pleased with how I managed to stand up to the pace and the amazing energies that are always present at such events. I put that down to the grounding that Mr Elephant (my Heart's Animal) always insists I do. His way is very gentle yet very effective. He simply gets me to stop and feel roots growing from my feet. Do try it!

Another thanks goes out to all those who kindly left their email addresses asking for more information about my workshops. A newsletter will be winging its way to you about the next "Animal of Your Heart" workshop very soon. I also do one-to-one sessions for £20 if that is preferable.  

Have a lovely week! Love, Jess & Mr Ele!