The "Elephant of My Heart" is the story that emerged as Jessica Clements took her first inner journey on the "Personal Totem Pole Process" originated by Stephen Gallegos. 

Jessica's life had not been easy, for at nine years old she had suffered a brain haemorrhage. Yet this was just where her new guide, her elephant, took her to in the gentlest and softest of ways. 

It was here that her elephant, and numerous other animals, taught her that the scars that criss-cross her head can be seen in a different way, for now they are stitched with a black panther's whisker and held by a dragonfly!

"I read this book in an evening and couldn't put it down as I was taken on a magical journey by the Elephant at Jessica's heart."

Stephen Wish, Polar Bear Community

"If you like animals and meditate then I highly recommend this book" Jayne Thorpe


 An excerpt from my book.

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