"The Rottweiller of Your Heart" Workshop for Teenagers

This workshop I introduce using my brain haemorrhage. I have a plastic tube that runs from my head to my stomach and I ask if any of the teenagers would like to touch it.

This usually repels them however it can also intrigue. It is here that I introduce how creativity allowed me to see my injury as something I have come to accept.

I then tell my story and ask if the teenagers would like to find their Heart's Animal. This visualisation takes about 20 minutes. I take them on a journey to relax and create images of flowers and animals that sustain and begin to build their self-confidence, their self-worth and emotional intelligence.

Their animals may be Rottweilers but they can also be any animal, bird, reptile or insect that walks, flies or swims across the globe or any imaginary realm you my wish!