"Animal of Your Heart" Yoga Workshops

The yoga workshop starts with me telling my story "The Elephant of My Heart" though as the animals arrive in the story I introduce the children to the yoga poses associated with them. The Elephant is the first and then the snake. Most animals have yoga asanas or poses associated with them and I show the children these poses and ask the children to do them too. I also ask the children to think of how they breathe in each posture.

When I finish my story I ask the children if they would like to find their Heart's Animal.  I get them to lie on the floor and take them on a short visualisation. This is where they begin to relax and to think of how their breath changes as they relax. After they have met their Heart's Animal they ask what can they do for him or her.

After this I introduce the children to the yoga asana linked with their animal. I encourage the children to write their journeys down after the class.